Transforming ideas into iconic brands — the Notion Branding Kit is your step-by-step guide to crafting a compelling brand identity with precision and creativity.

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Your Complete Blueprint to Brand Building

Thought brand creation was rocket science? Think again. We've mapped out the universe for you. Navigate your way to an unforgettable brand identity.


Step into the world of brand building with the Notion Branding Kit. From purpose to visual identity, it's a roadmap to your unique brand story. A compact toolkit bursting with strategies, differentiation tactics, storytelling, and more. Your brand, brilliantly reimagined.

Meet the trailblazer behind the Branding Kit

From leading advertising strategies to pioneering in entrepreneurship, he's now crafted the ultimate brand-building toolkit. With the Notion Branding Kit, leverage his expertise to sculpt your brand's unique narrative.

Fatih Guner

Fatih Guner

A seasoned advertising strategist turned bold entrepreneur, I've weathered the storms of failure and savored the taste of success. Now, I've channeled my vast experience and insatiable thirst for learning into crafting this transformative brand-building toolkit.

As a freelancer, educator, and sought-after speaker, my journey has been shaped by a commitment to continuous learning and the power of entrepreneurship. From founding the 'Mashable of Turkey' to inspiring thousands with my talks, my path is characterized by tenacity and vision.

Today, with the Notion Branding Kit, I invite you to embark on your own journey of brand creation. Are you ready to make your mark?

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Amplify your brand’s potential

The Notion Branding Kit is not just a tool —it's the ultimate brand architect at your command. Ready to unlock a wealth of benefits?


We transform the labyrinth of brand building into a straightforward, step-by-step process. No fuss, all function.


Think of the Notion Branding Kit as your A-Z guide to branding. Every angle, every aspect—covered.


Don't let brand-building eat into your time. Our kit streamlines the process, saving you precious hours without skimping on quality.


Big or small, startup or established—our kit molds to your needs. It's your brand, your way.


Enjoy top-tier expertise without the top-tier price tag. For just $39, you're investing in a tool that keeps giving back.


Tap into the mind of a branding maestro. The Notion Branding Kit is like having a personal brand consultant at your beck and call.

Crafted for creativity, built for brands

The Notion Branding Kit isn't just any tool. It's a powerhouse of features tailored to breathe life into your brand. Ready to explore?

Step-by-step Guidance

Every step of your brand building process, from purpose to visual identity, is detailed out in a digestible format. It's like having a branding expert walking with you every step of the way.

Feature 1

Customizable Templates

The kit includes customizable templates for different branding elements like positioning, differentiation, and storytelling. Tailor it to fit your unique brand.

Feature 2

Interactive Forms

Each step comes with a form for you to input your thoughts, ideas, and insights. It's an interactive way to build your brand and keep track of your progress.

Feature 3

Final Brand Blueprint

On completion, the Notion Branding Kit generates a structured, cohesive blueprint of your brand, encompassing every element you've worked on. It's your brand's Bible, ready for the world to see.

Feature 4

Chart your brand journey

The Notion Branding Kit lays out a 12-step roadmap to brand mastery. Navigate from core purpose to visual aesthetics, building your brand block by block. It's your route to creating a brand that resonates and endures.


Brand Purpose

Unearth the driving force behind your brand. Why does it exist?

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Brand Vision

Outline your grand plan. Where is your brand heading?

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Brand Mission

Set your course. What will your brand achieve?

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Core Values

Define your brand's principles. What does it stand for?

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Audience Persona

Profile your perfect customer. Who is your brand serving?

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Positioning Strategy

Pinpoint your brand's market place. Where does it stand amongst competitors?

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Brand Differentiation

Identify what sets you apart. How is your brand unique?

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Brand Personality

Flesh out your brand's character. What traits define it?

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Core Message

Craft your key communication. What is your brand's main message?

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Brand Story

Weave your brand's narrative. What's your brand's backstory?

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Name & Promise

Choose your brand's moniker and pledge. What will it be known for?

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Visual Identity

Design your brand's aesthetics. How will your brand look?

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Our pricing is simple with no hidden fees

For just $39, the Notion Branding Kit is your gateway to a robust, resonant brand. Ready to invest in your brand's future?

Invest in your brand’s future

Begin your brand-building journey today. Your brand's potential is waiting to be unlocked with the Notion Branding Kit.

Detailed Guidance

Ready-to-Use Brand Book

Interactive Forms

Expert-Driven Content

Customizable Templates

Adaptive Flexibility

Comprehensive Blueprint

Value for Money

In-Depth Srategies

Access to Notion File

34% OFF


Lifetime Access

Decoding branding

Unravel the true essence of branding, brand identity, and their invaluable roles in your business. Let's debunk the myths and highlight the realities. Ready for a branding enlightenment?


The Power of Branding

Branding is more than just a logo—it's the soul of your business. It’s how your customers perceive you and how you stand out in the market. A strong brand fosters recognition, builds trust, and cultivates customer loyalty. It's not just important—it's essential.


The Essence of Brand Identity

Your brand identity is the visual and conceptual DNA of your brand—the look, feel, and message that sets you apart. It's your brand's personality, its promise, and its voice. An effective brand identity resonates with your target audience, conveys your unique value, and shapes your customers' experiences.


The Misunderstood Side of Branding

Branding isn’t just about creating a catchy name or a stylish logo. It's not a one-time event or a pretty coat of paint. Branding is a continuous process of delivering consistent value, building relationships with customers, and crafting experiences that captivate and convert. It's your business's heartbeat, not its facelift.

Crafted for creativity, built for brands

The Notion Branding Kit isn't just any tool. It's a powerhouse of features tailored to breathe life into your brand. Ready to explore?

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How does the Notion Branding Kit work?

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